Decluttering is imperative in the home staging process, and reorganizing your space with a focus on beauty is a great alternative to staging that is both time efficient and cost effective.  We help when you want your space to be as appealing as possible, without having to spend extra on costly furniture and decor rentals

When showcasing your home, either for sale or as an income property for short term or long term rentals, it must be appealing.   We know what people like, and can view your space from an objective eye.  We can declutter, neutralize and reorganize the furniture and contents of your home so that it maximizes your home's potential, and appeals to a greater audience.  We can help you:

  • Maximize your home using what you already have

  • Save time and money by staging your home without the use of furniture or decor rentals

  • Pack your items for moving during the decluttering process

  • Create a beautiful space for either home sales, or for rentals such as Airbnb

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Space Sense serves Kingston, ON and surrounding regions.  Please contact us here to see if we service your area

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