Do you have too much stuff?  Does your clutter and the disorganization of your items impair your daily living or hinder you from living a productive life?  Many people are used to buying and accumulating items, but they are not used to letting them go.  This can create a type of 'bottle neck' that prevents a flowing system within your home and life, often leaving people with feelings of being 'stuck'. 


In today's society, we are busting at the seams with "stuff" and much of it is to our detriment.  You can't find items, you can't concentrate in a space full of clutter, you are no longer in control of your life or you've reached a point where you are surrounded by things that no longer serve you, or define you as a person.  We can help you:

  • Decide what to toss, donate or sell

  • Take out garbage and recycling, or make arrangements with junk removal if needed

  • Make donation arrangements and/or take a car load of donations away for you at no cost

  • Be a support system during any difficult times of letting go when there are painful memories or experiences involved

  • Recommend ways to keep clutter under control

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Space Sense serves Kingston, ON and surrounding regions.  Please contact us here to see if we service your area

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